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Synthesis and characterization of three new asymmetric Schiff bases and X-ray crystal structure of [H 2 cd3-OMesalen] ligand
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1  Dipartimento di Chimica Inorganica, Vill. S. Agata, Salita Sperone 31, Universita di Messina, 98166 Messina, Italy
2  Department of Chemistry,Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran
3  Department of Chemistry, University of Lorestan, Lorestan, Iran
4  Department of chemistry, Payame Noor University, Hamedan, Iran
5  Department of Chemistry, Islamic Azad University, Khorramabad, Iran.

Abstract: Three new asymmetric Schiff base compounds, (E)-methyl 2-(2-(2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylideneamino)ethylamino)cyclopent-1-enecarbodithioate[H 2 cd3-OMesalen](1), (E)-methyl 2-(2-(3,5-di-tert-butyl-2-hydroxybenzylideneamino)ethylamino)cyclopent-1-enecarbodithioate[H 2 cd di tertbutsalen] (2) and (E)-methyl2-(2-(3-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzylideneamino)ethylamino)cyclopent-1-enecarbodithioate[H 2 cd4-OMesalen] (3) have been prepared. The compounds have been studied with IR, 1 H NMR, 13 C NMR and microanalysis. The crystal structure of (1) has been also determined.
Keywords: Schiff base, asymmetric compounds, crystal structure