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Plasmonic fiber-optic biomedical and gas sensors
1  Jinan University


Surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) optical fiber sensors can be used as a cost-effective and relatively simple-to-implement alternative to well established bulky prism configurations for in-situ high sensitivity biochemical and electrochemical measurements. The miniaturized size and remote operation ability offer them a multitude of opportunities for single-point sensing in hard-to-reach spaces, even possibly in vivo. Grating-assisted and polarization control are two key properties of fiber-optic SPR sensors to achieve unprecedented sensitivities and limits of detection. The biosensor configuration presented here utilizes a nano-scale metal-coated tilted fiber Bragg grating (TFBG) imprinted in a commercial single mode fiber core with no structural modifications. Such sensor provides an additional resonant mechanism of high-density narrow cladding mode spectral combs that overlap with the broader absorption of the surface Plasmon for high accuracy interrogation. In this paper, we briefly review our recent developments of plasmonic tilted fiber grating sensors, including the surface affinity studies of biomolecules for real life problems, electrochemical actives of electroactive biofilms for clean energy resources, the vector magnetic field measurement and the ultra-highly sensitive plasmonic sensing in gas.

Keywords: Surface Plasmon resonance, optical fiber sensors, gas detection