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Pollution in Everglades
1  San Ignacio University, Miami, FL, USA


The Everglade is common called “The river of grass” is most important river for Florida, The Everglades cover about 1,500,000 acres where habit wonderful species of animals and plants, the Everglades also supply fresh water for almost all Florida and it’s a land suitable for farming, the benefits that we receives of this area are a lot, but unfortunately the humans has contaminated this sources of water for many years. The pollution consequences affect all type of being livening in Florida, animals, plants include population Floridian. The Everglades is not only a principal source of water but also is a perfect land for agriculture, since the war world end the farmers began growing vegetable and sugar cane. The Everglades is a home for many species of animals animal and plants that make a wonderful place, but the pollution other factor produced by man to cause problem in this beautiful place.

Keywords: Key Word: Pollution, Everglades, water, animals, plants.