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Climate Change and the National Park Everglades
1  San Ignacio University, Miami, FL, USA


The National Park Everglades is already damaged by the warming climate. The sea level is rising and has already brought several changes to the landscape. In the future these changes will be worse.The Everglades as we call them, find their origins 3200 years ago, when the rhythm of rising seas dropped significantly from 9 inches to 1.5 inches per century. This dropped of the tide rise in the sea level allowed an urbanization of mud, shells and sand at the Florida’s Southern Coast. This kind of ridge acted as a low dam and stopped ocean water from crossing over it. This natural dam hinder rainfall and overflow from Lake Okeechobee forming a freshwater environment, the Everglades.  A large portion of this exceptional landscape is now protected as Everglades National Park.

Keywords: National Park Everglades; Warming climate; Florida’s Southern Coast