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Rural community’s territorial system dynamics at the Anzu river valley in the Kichwa Amazon territory to propose change scenarios
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1  Universidad Estatal Amazónica
2  Universidad de La Habana


A Kichwa community’s dynamics at the river Anzu valley, in the Ecuadorian Amazon territory, to propose scenarios of change is analyzed. The Anzu valley, populated by sustainable mestizos and Kichwa communities, autonomous, in harmony with nature, visible in the different products that they process from environment resources, live in their legalized territories, where government entities recognized the Kichwa ancestral property. The Kichwa achieved to articulate strategies for the biodiversity resources use, whose beneficial repopulation and processing may permit to obtain their maintenances, the payment of their labor and income families. The knowledge system and the people’s cultural identity in social harmony with nature are revalued. The territory possession and its security, together with the ancestral wisdom recovery, understanding of management systems of the environment resources, which come from a cultural tradition, wisdom in the jungle, associated with new technological forms that provide economic income through the local resources processing, gives communities the opportunity to renew their pride, which contributes to the consistent use of their environment. It recovers and intensifies the agro ecosystem management, gradually increases the promissory species sowing and repopulation, animals and plants. The desired scenario implies a sustainable, autonomous functioning, with alliances and synergies.

Keywords: Kickwa communities, Amazon territorial systems, change scenarios