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One Year r-GH Therapy Influence on Blood gamma-Aminobutyric acid, Serotonin, Dopamine and IGF-1 in 15 Growth-hormone Deficient Children
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1  PhD Research scientist - Research Department-National Institute of Endocrinology-Bucharest-Romania
2  Biologist, Research Department, National Institute of Endocrinology "C. I. Parhon", Bucharest, Romania
3  Medical Doctor, PhD, National Institute of Endocrinology "C. I. Parhon", Bucharest, Romania

Published: 01 November 2017 by MDPI in 3rd International Electronic Conference on Medicinal Chemistry session ECMC-3

Aim: To quantify the effect of 1 year r-GH therapy on blood gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), serotonin (5-HT), dopamine (DA) and IGF-1 in 15 growth-hormone (GH) deficient children.       

Research design and methods: This retrospective study included 8 boys (7-14 years) and 7 girls (7-14 years) with clinically established GH deficit and under GH replacement therapy. In 2016 they were quantified for GABA, DA, 5-HT and IGF-1.After 1 more year of GH therapy, they were again tested for the same parameters using analytical methods.                               

Results: Median plasma parameters in 8 boys pre- vs. post-GH therapy was: GABA: 59.44 vs. 105.83ng/mL; 5-HT: 269.66 vs.196.55ng/mL; DA: 46.66 vs.91.5pg/mL; IGF-1: 367.38 vs. 445.5ng/mL. The same parameters were tested in 7 girls as median pre- vs. post-GH therapy: GABA: 45 vs.96ng/mL; 5-HT: 215 vs. 200ng/mL; DA: 40 vs. 60pg/mL; IGF-1: 284 vs.420ng/mL. We established statistical significant differences in boys group pre-and post-treatment in: plasma GABA(P<0.001), serum 5-HT (P<0.01), plasma DA (P<0.02), serum IGF-1(P=0.02). In girls group we calculated statistical significant differences in plasma GABA pre- vs. post-therapy (P<0.001) and in plasma DA pre- vs. post-therapy.                                                           

Conclusions: In fact replacement GH-therapy improved GABA/5-HT, GABA/DA, GABA/IGF-1, 5-HT/IGF-1 correlations in boys group. In girls group we estimated improved correlations between GABA/DA, 5-HT/DA, 5-HT/IGF-1.These observations could be translated in general improvement of health state in growth-deficient children under GH- therapy.

Keywords: gamma-amino-butyric acid, serotonin,dopamine,IGF-1,r-GH therapy