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Synthesis and Physicochemical Surface and Catalytic Investigations of ZSM-11 Treated with Small Amounts of Gold and Platinum
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1  National Research Center, Dokki, Cairo, Egypt.
2  Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Nasser City, Cairo, Egypt
3  Chemistry Department, Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University, Roxy, Cairo, Egypt

Abstract: ZSM-11 samples were synthesized and treated with small amounts of Pt and Au substrates (1 & 4wt% metal). The effects of this treatment on the structural, textural, and catalytic properties of the employed zeolite were studied. The acidity of Pt and Au-containing ZSM-11 solids was determined. The techniques employed were XRD, pyridine adsorption using FTIR-technique, N2 adsorption at -196 ºC, and catalytic conversion of isopropyl alcohol at 110-275 ºC using a flow technique. The treatment of ZSM-11with Au and Pt-species resulted in a structure collapse of 23, 19 %, respectively without much affecting its crystallite size. The specific surface areas of zeolites decrease slightly by treatment with Pt and Au species while their microporosity increased from 79 to 91%. All catalysts investigated behaved as selective dehydration solids having activities which increased by treating with Pt or Au species. The samples treated with 4 wt% Pt showed the biggest activity. The selectivity towards propene formation was also found to increase by treatment with Pt or Au species.
Keywords: zeolites; Pt; Au species; isopropyl alcohol conversion