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Wireless monitoring of pavement temperature based on low cost computing platform
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1  Center for Automation and Robotics, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas—Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (CSIC—UPM), Madrid, Spain
2  GEOCISA Geotecnia y Cimientos S.A. Los Llanos de Jérez, 10-12 28820 Coslada - Madrid, Spain


Nowadays, preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation and improvement of the road network is a fundamental issue. Many of the parameters that define the road surface conditions are conditioned by various environmental factors, mainly temperature. Hence the importance of having databases that allow a meticulous analysis of the properties of the road. The fundamental goal of the work is the design and development of a road monitoring system based on temperature measurement at different pavement depths, capable of transmitting the information to a moving vehicle. Therefore, it is necessary a modular device, of easy installation, low cost and reduced energy consumption that enables the optimizing of the auscultation procedure, improving the reliability of the measures collected and the process of obtaining them, which, in turn is the basement to estimate the useful life of the pavement. The results of the tests and validation of the proposed prototype in either static system with two types of pavement (asphalt and concrete), and in real driving situations, demonstrate the good performance and accuracy of the proposed system.

Keywords: road temperature; wireless; sensor network; pavement;