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Wireless System Integration to Enable Smart Cities and Smart Regions
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1  Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey
2  Universidad Publica de Navarra
3  Institute of Smart Cities-UPNA


The advent of Smart Cities and its extension to Smart Regions requires seamless interaction of systems as well as with users, in a context where a great deal of devices exhibit potential network connectivity. Wireless systems are key elements in order to enable high interactivity, with multiple different systems operating simultaneously within a given region. Multiple network coordination and analysis is compulsory in order to enhance coverage/capcity relations, whilst achieving required bit rates and Quality of Service demands. In this work, the analysis of multiple wireless systems, based on the combination of WLAN/WBAN/NFC will be analyzed in the context of Smart Cities, examining inter-operation performance and overall deployment considerations.

Keywords: Smart Cities, Smart Regions, HetNet, Coverage/Capacity, IoT