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Exploring different strategies to improve the magnetic response of cobalt doped ferrite nanoparticles
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1  University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU
2  Basque Centre for Materials, Applications and Nanostructures, BCmaterials


With the aim of studying the structural and magnetic properties of cobalt doped magnetite nanoparticles         (Fe3-xCoxO4), several samples were synthetized by thermal decomposition method using different cobalt concentrations (0 – 5%) at different condition reflux time (30 – 120 min). In this work, we demonstrate that the synthetic parameters highly influence. Both, the morphology and the cobalt concentration, obtaining higher saturation magnetization values for 2 hours reflux. An exhaustive magnetic characterization by means of magnetization and electronic magnetic resonance have established conditions to improve the magnetic response of doped nanoparticles.

Keywords: magnetic nanoparticles, thermal decomposition, electronic magnetic resonance,