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Synthesis and biological properties of alkyl diaryl disulfides derivatives

Diaryl disulfides compounds are valuable intermediates as they have multifaceted applications in pharmaceutical industry as well as in the field of material science. They are used as novel stabilizer for the tumor suppressor Pdcd4 [1] and by virtue of the reversibility of disulfide bond, plays an integral role in the synthesis of bioactive compounds. Numerous examples of drugs use for diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, inflammatory and immune diseases have aryl sulfide moieties in their structures [2].  Lipophilicity is also known to influence the biological activity of various compounds [3]. Increasing the lipophilic character of the diaryl disulfide system enhances the anti-bacterial properties [4,5]. Therefore, in continuation of our efforts in the synthesis of biologically active organo sulfur compounds, we herein report the synthesis of disulfanediyldibenzamides of enhanced lipophilic character by introducing long alkyl chain C8-C12 at amino end in order to deliver electrophilic sulphur species more effectively into the bacterial cell wall. These dialkyl diaryl disulphides compounds were characterised by spectral and analytical data. They were also found to have interesting anti-bacterial properties over a panel of gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

Keywords: diaryl disulfides, dithiosalicylic acid, diphenyldisulfides, anti-bacterial