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Oxidative bromination reaction using NBS and magnetic IBX
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1  Iran university of science and technology


Halogenated and brominated compounds are important groups of chemicals and have varied applications in several fields. Cross-coupling reactions in organic chemistry can be performed via aromatic functionalization process with halide aromatic compounds. Therefore, in coupling reactions like Heck, Suzuki, Sonogashira and hetero coupling reactions, halide compounds are the key fragments.

Br2 is the old reagent for the formation of brominated compounds. Using Br2 caused to produce HBr as a corrosive chemical, need accurate control of temperature and control of amount of Br2. So, established better brominating agents have been developed in recent years. To this purpose, NBS was used for brominating reactions and several conditions in organic reactions have been reported to activate the halogenating ability of NBS.

2-iodoxybenzoic acid, IBX, has gained massive interest as an efficient and useful oxidant which can be used for the oxidation of alcohols. in addition of this, magnetic form of catalysts have more advantages compare to normal form of them due to their simply work-up procedures. So, to gain better nanocatalyst with the advantages of magnetic catalysts, we used a simple method to prepare magnetized IBX. To develop efficient catalysts for oxidation reaction, we report the catalytic application of a magnetized IBX as an efficient and recoverable catalyst in the presence of NBS for oxidation reaction.

Keywords: Oxidative reaction, bromination reaction, NBS, magnetic IBX