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Chemical Characterization of The Agroindustrial By-Products Destined for Pig Feeding
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1  Faculty of Earth Sciences, Amazon State University, Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador. Email:
2  2 Laboratory of Microbiology, Amazon State University, via Puyo to Tena 2 ½, Puyo, Ecuador. E-mail:
3  Faculty of Life Sciences, State University of Amazonia, Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador. Email:


The increase in the volume of agroindustrial, agricultural and domestic solid wastes entails a series of implications related to health and environmental aspects. The objective of this research was to determine the chemical composition of agroindustrial residues of shelled peanuts, peanuts in shell, banana peels, cassava peels, shelled beans and beans peas for use in pigs. In the agroindustrial residues the content of matter (DM), organic matter (OM), crude protein (PB), crude fiber (FB), ashes, ethereal extract (EE), nitrogen free extracts, ELN and EB, Descriptive statistics were used and mean and standard deviation were determined. Peanut and shelled peanut residues showed the highest MS (91.65, 92.65%), PB (28.22, 28.27%), EE (40.49, 43.19%), and EB (577.68, 591.98 kcal kg MS-1). Shelled beans had an acceptable ELN content (62.66%). In relation to the FB, the bean peel had the highest content (49.03 %). The banana peel and cassava presented the highest ash content (8.82 and 8.49 %) respectively. The agroindustrial by-products of shelled peanuts, peanuts, banana peels, cassava peels, peas and shelled beans presented good MS, MO, PB, ELN, EE, Ash and EB contents, all suitable for use in the pigs feedwell.

Keywords: pig feed, proximal analysis, Agroindustrial, by-products.