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Importance of coaching and mentoring tools for training business leaders
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1  Coordenador dos cursos de Tec. Estética e Cosmética e Farmácia do Centro Universitário do Vale do Araguaia/UNIVAR.
2  Grupo de Pesquisa em Tecnologia Farmacêutica Centro Universitário do Vale do Araguaia/UNIVAR, Barra do Garças, MT, Brasil. R. Moreira Cabral, 1000 - Setor Mariano, Barra do Garças - MT, 78600-000
3  Instituto Team Coaching Brasil, Av. Antônio Paulo da C Bilego, 185 - Centro, Barra do Garças - MT, Brasil, CEP: 78600-000


Due to commercial globalization, the market goes through constant changes, which increasingly demands that company servers keep up with these changes, along with organizations. The leadership of a business team is of paramount importance for the progress of a team of employees and, because it is not an easy task, it must be performed by suitably competent professionals. Based on this context, this study proposed to approach the theoretical aspects, through a bibliographical review, of the coaching and mentoring tools, which are extremely relevant for the formation of new leaders and for the management of teams within companies.

Keywords: liderança, coaching, mentoring