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Factors That Influence Conservatism vs. Liberalism
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1  West Coast University, Miami


Recent studies have shown that genetics have been linked to the influence of conservatism and liberalism in the United States. Evidence has shown that conservatives present more brain matter volume within the anterior cingulate cortex, and liberals present more brain matter volume within the right amygdala. Despite other social and scientific factors that may influence conservatism and liberalism, such as morals, culture, demographics, personality traits, etc., the study conducted determines a correlation between brain structures and conservatism and liberalism. The study conducted consisted of brain studies using MRI evaluations of conservative, liberal and moderate families. These families include a mother, father, and child between the ages of 17 and 19. Results suggest that conservatism and liberalism is influenced by the brain structures of individuals. These results also indicate that conservative and liberal parents have strong influences on the brain structures of their teenage children.

Keywords: conservative, liberal, genetics, brain structure, anterior cingulate cortex, right amygdala, MRI