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Proposal to standardize fatigue delamination growth tests using double cantilever beam specimens without fibre bridging
1  Department of Structures & Materials, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, TU Delft, Delft, The Netherlands


Up until today, mode-I fatigue delamination testing has not been standardized, because no consensus exists on best practices to reduce the observed scatter in data, and on the proper parameter describing similitude. A dominant contributor to the scatter seems the fibre bridging observed in the tests. This paper proposes a straightforward experimental and analysis approach to derive zero-bridging delamination resistance curves from each tested specimen without requiring a theoretical model.

Keywords: Composites; Double Cantilever Beam; Fatigue delamination; Standardization; Testing
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Nathaniel Macias
Making a proposal was not an easy task this was much tough on it I always want to get rid from this work. Today I need to make proposal for my company so I make this from the help of this was not much difficult that I think it was just ready to go.