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193 Dynamic tensile testing of brittle composites using a hydraulic pulse machine: stress-strain synchronization and strain rate limits
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1  Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering (MaTCh), Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University, Tech Lane Ghent Science Park – Campus A, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 903, B-9052 Ghent, Belgium
2  SIM SBO program M3Strength, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 935, B-9052 Ghent, Belgium


The effect of synchronization on the test results is explored by performing dynamic tensile tests on several continuous-fibre composite laminates. The results show that synchronization is key, because a delay of a single microsecond significantly affects the test outcome at high strain rates. Additionally, several upper limits on the maximum achievable strain rate of the experimental set-up are determined with the aid of a finite element model. These limits depend on the characteristics of the used equipment, the properties of the tested material and the chosen specimen dimensions.

Keywords: high strain rate; tensile properties; polymer composites; carbon/epoxy; glass/polyamide-6; data reduction