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Analyses of enzymatic hydrolysis of bagasse cane of sugar for obtention of ethanol employing a cocktail of natives commercials enzymes.  
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1  Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas
2  Universidad Central del Ecuador


In this paper the enzymatic hydrolysis of sugar cane bagasse from a cocktail of enzymes produced by a native bacterium of the genus Bacillus Ecuador, which is mixed with a commercial enzyme produced by Sigma was performed. With this mixture varying 8 trials were conducted initial conditions. With the method of Plakett- Bürman, from the results of the glucose yield coefficients they were discarded factors did not influence the process, thus being agitation speed and Tween 80 as the least significant levels studied. With this new model fitted the full factorial design optimization Box-Wilson was used.

It was concluded that the enzymatic cocktail commercial and native enzymes results generated glucose concentration of 2.637715 mg / ml glucose and Performance / 15.6424 100gMP of which is interesting for a possible substitution of a percentage of commercial enzymes native enzymes which would be viewed as an advantage in operating costs.

Keywords: enzymes, enzyme cocktail, ethanol, Bacillus sp., degradation, glucose