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1  Member of the Forensic & Architecture Experts Association at the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community.
2  Founding partner of GAREID PROYECTOS, Planetary Architecture Study.
3  Member of the Official College of Technical Architects and Building Engineers of the Valencian Community (Spain).



To establish a human colony in a planetary body different from the terrestrial one, will entail to join those factors that can favour the good development of life in that place. However, which of these possible parameters can be categorized as essential when referring to the creation of a shelter for a long stay?

Human beings, willing to abandon their natural environment in order to open new extra-terrestrial settlements for present and future generations, have to stay long hours cloistered in a volume built in a quite hostile environment a priori. They deserve to find a habitat which not only makes them feel protected, with the tranquillity and comfort that entails, but also provides an environment capable to transmit desire to live and be.

Astroikos. Term whose suffix Oikos ("house", in Greek) defines in classical antiquity the set of goods and people that constituted the basic unit of society, allows us to identify the new planetary habitat as the possible refuge of a multidisciplinary team of astronauts aiming at colonizing other worlds. This would be based on four fundamental pillars:

1. The humanization of Space Architecture.

2. The possibility of the use of indigenous materials, resources and natural geological structures, as well as the recycling of elements of space vehicles.

3. Self-construction.

4. Security.

Keywords: Geological Astroikos; Astroikos; Space Architecture; Planetary Architecture; Architecture; Geological Habitats; Habitats;
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