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Transparent object shape measurement based on deflectometry
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1  Sichuan University


This paper proposes a method for obtaining surface normal orientation and 3-D shape of plano-convex lens using refraction stereo. We show that two viewpoints are sufficient to solve this problem under the condition that the refractive index of the object is known. What we need to know is that 1) an accurate function that maps each pixel to the refraction point caused by the refraction of the object. 2) light is refracted only once. In the simulation, the actual measurement process is simplified: light is refracted only once; and the accurate one-to-one correspondence between incident ray and refractive ray is realized by known object points. The deformed grating caused by refraction point is also constructed in the process of simulation. A plano-convex lens with a focal length of 242.8571 mm is used for stereo data acquisition, normal direction acquisition, and the judgment of normal direction consistency. Finally, restoring the three-dimensional information of the plano-convex lens by computer simulation. Simulation results suggest that our method is feasibility. In the actual experiment, considering the case of light is refracted more than once, combining the calibration data acquisition based on phase measurement, phase-shifting and temporal phase-unwrapping techniques to complete 1) calibrating the corresponding position relationship between the monitor and the camera (2) matching incident ray and refractive ray.

Keywords: Deflectometry; Stereo vision; Fringe