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173-Hypersonic free flight investigation on rudder reflection of aircraft
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1  China Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics


Abstract: In order to study the control effect of the rudder surface of the hypersonic vehicle and the coupling dynamic characteristics of the rudder surface deflection and the flight attitude, a technical platform for the deflection and motion coupling of the aircraft rudder surface was designed. The platform ejection mechanism can launch the model into the wind tunnel flow field according to the preset attitude, and model can free flight without support interference. The innovative design of the model internal rudder partial system can guarantee the model to deflect the rudder surface in the free flight process, simulate the real steering process of the aircraft. By changing spring with different springs, the speed of the rudder surface can be changed. The dual optical path and image acquisition technology can capture the motion picture before and after the deflection of the rudder surface from two angles. After the image is matched by model matching, the six degrees of freedom parameter of the model can be changed with the time curve before and after the deflection of the rudder surface, and the area of the six freedom degree curve of the different state model is compared. In other words, the specific influence of dynamic rudder rotation on the motion of the model is known. The wind tunnel test of the model in the hypersonic wind tunnel of the 500mm is carried out using this platform. The test results are highly repeatable, and the test platform technology is mature and reliable.

Keywords: wind tunnel test; free flight; rudder reflection; Hypersonic; unsteady aerodynamic