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447 Design and Testing of various Ceiling Elements made of Carbon Reinforced Concrete
1  Institute of Concrete Structures, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany


In this paper the design and recalculation of new type ceiling elements made of carbon reinforced concrete (CRC) is described. With the use of the high-potential composite material carbon reinforced concrete, structures can be, compared to conventional steel reinforced concrete (RC), designed and manufactured slimmer and lighter. Because of this and the increased sustainability of ceiling elements made of CRC a noteworthy amount of concrete can be saved. To show the potential of CRC elements, four different structures for various fields of application are shown. The first ceiling element, which will be introduced, fits perfectly for the use in multi-storey car parks because of the high resistance of the carbon fibers against corrosion. Another CRC structure in this paper was created in a research project as a demonstrator to show the potential of the newly developed concrete mixture for CRC. To prove the ability of this new developed concrete, large-scale CRC I-beams were produced in a precast concrete factory. The third ceiling element was designed and manufactured in form of a shell to combine the high strength composite material with an improved design for ceiling elements. The last introduced CRC element was developed as demonstrator in another research project and was designed in form of a ribbed slab.

Keywords: carbon reinforced concrete; improved design, ceiling element; numerical calculation