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A review on the critical and rare metals distribution throughout the Vertiskos Unit, N.Greece
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1  Department of Mineralogy, Petrology, Economic Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 54124, Thessaloniki, Greece
2  Department of Mineralogy-Petrology, University of Athens, 15784, Athens, Greece


The undisturbed supply of critical and rare metals is critical for the robustness and sustainability of the advanced technological industry of the European Union (EU). Large demands and a low domestic production characterize the availability of these mineral resources within the EU. Since 2008, several EU funded research projects have highlighted the domestic exploration and exploitation possibilities of some specific European regions. Throughout the SE Europe the Serbo-Macedonian metallogenic province (SMMP) in northern Greece is highlighted as one of the most promising exploration targets. The metamorphic terrain of the Vertiskos Unit forms the geological basement of the SMMP in northern Greece, and hosts several Oligocene-Miocene ore deposits and mineralization occurrences. Ancient and modern mining activities mostly targeted the southern part of the Greek SMMP (Chalkidiki Peninsula), while the northern part was subjected to a diachronic occasional pre-industrial exploitation. Thus, by taking into consideration the modern exploration and exploitation techniques, the northern part could be characterized as a greenfield area. The base (Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, Mn) and precious (Au, Ag) metals endowment of the Vertiskos Unit is well-documented and among the most important mineralization of the region are the Pontokerasia Cu-Mo-Au-porphyry deposit, the Vathi Cu-Au-U±Mo porphyry deposit, and the Skouries Cu-Au porphyry deposit. However the critical and rare metals endowment of the region lacks any thorough examination. Several porphyry mineralizations hosted in high-K calc-alkaline magmatic rocks (e.g. Vathi, Gerakario, Skouries), and vein type mineralization hosted in shear-zones (e.g. Rizana, Stanos, Kolhiko, Laodikino, Stefania, Koronouda, Drakontio, Nea Madytos) are reported being enriched in Sb, Bi, Te, Co, Sn, W, Ga, Ge, In, Ta, REEs and PGEs. In this publication we review the critical and rare metals endowment of these ore mineralizations in an effort to summarize and highlight the exploration potential of the region.

Keywords: critical and rare metals; ore mineralization; Vertiskos Unit; Serbo-Macedonian metallogenic province; Greece