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Clients profile evaluation attended in Barra do Garças municipality aesthetic clinics, Mato Grosso, Brazil
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1  Grupo de Pesquisa em Ciências Estéticas e Cosméticas (PECIEC LÓTUS) das Faculdades Unidas do Vale do Araguaia/UNIVAR - R. Moreira Cabral, 1000 - Setor Mariano, Barra do Garças - MT, 78600-000
2  Coordenador dos cursos de Tec. Estética e Cosmética e Farmácia do Centro Universitário do Vale do Araguaia/UNIVAR.
3  Grupo de Pesquisa em Tecnologia Farmacêutica Centro Universitário do Vale do Araguaia/UNIVAR, Barra do Garças, MT, Brasil. R. Moreira Cabral, 1000 - Setor Mariano, Barra do Garças - MT, 78600-000


The area of ​​aesthetics has grown widely in the last few years and its treatments gained popularity throughout the world. The imposition of beauty standards pre-established by society, directly influence personal satisfaction and quality of life of individuals, contributing to the beauty market grow considerably in different areas. From this perspective, the objective of this study was to evaluate the profile of the clients served, as well as the popularity of specific treatments in aesthetic clinics located in the city of Barra do Garças, Mato Grosso state, Brazil. Were evaluated thirty-three individuals attending aesthetic clinics (mean age: 25 years, mean weight: 66 kg, mean height: 1.64 m), of both sexes. Participants were informed of all study objectives and, after agreeing, signed a free and informed consent form. The study showed that the population served is mostly single (84.8%) and female (84.8%). As for the aesthetic procedures, the most accomplished were Laser (39.39%), skin cleansing (33.3%) and lymphatic drainage (12.12%). The procedures performed less frequently were: microneedle (3.03%), hydrolipo (3.03%), botox (3.03%), pelling (3.03%) and introderma (3.03%). This study showed that, although the number of aesthetic procedures is growing, the female audience is still the one that most looks for aesthetic procedures, as well as showing that singles seek more for procedures when compared to married individuals.

Keywords: Beautification and aesthetics center, aesthetic attention, Barra do Garças