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250 Phase-shifting Shearing Interference Microscope with Savart Shear Prism and Rotatable Analyzer
* 1 , 2 , 2 , 3
1  Department of Electro-optical Engineering, National Taipei University of Technology.
2  Dept. of Opto-electronic Eng., National Taipei University of Technology
3  Shuztung Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd


A phase-shifting shearing interference microscope (PSSIM) is introduced in this paper. It is constructed by placing a Savart shear prism between the objective and sample of a polarizing microscope with a rotatable analyzer as the phase-shifter, and it is capable of determining contour height variation and deformation strain using the principle of shearing interferometry. This paper not only interprets the measurement theory but also presents an experimental setup of the PSSIM. Moreover, this paper exhibits the results from the uses of the setup; the results demonstrate the validity and applicability of the PSSIM.

Keywords: Phase-shifting Shearing interference microscope; Savart shear prism; Rotatable analyzer; Contour height variation; Strain