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Design of a new iron catalyst by mechanochemistry using rice husk as a green silica source
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1  University of Cordoba (Spain)

Published: 30 August 2018 by MDPI in 1st International Online Conference on Nanomaterials session Materials

Biomass has become an alternative to replace petroleum derived materials. Several methodologies for its valorization have been investigated to obtain high value products in a more sustainable way. Rice husk (RH) is an agricultural waste that contains up to 20 wt% of silica. Microwave assisted extraction was employed to remove metal ions from rice husk to obtain a highly pure mesoporous silica. Biogenic silica (RH-Silica) was employed as a support to design a new iron oxide catalyst (Fe/RH-Silica) by an efficient mechanochemical process. Synthesized materials were characterized by different techniques including N2 physisorption, XRD, TEM, SEM and DRIFT. Materials presented excellent properties and a high activity in organic reactions. Fe/RH-Silica catalyst was tested in the selective oxidation of styrene and the alkylation of toluene under microwave irradiation. High conversion and selectivity were achieved for the desire products.

Keywords: Rice Husk ; Silica; Mechanochemistry; Iron oxide; Oxidation; Alkylation
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