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A model for charge transport in randomly-ordered carbon nanoclusters
1  Suffolk County Community College, State University of New York

Published: 14 November 2018 by MDPI in 5th International Electronic Conference on Sensors and Applications session Posters
Abstract: The carbon nanofilms on diamond were obtained by irreversible graphitization of diamond at above 1000 0C. The exposure to plasma reduces the surface conductance of the carbon nanofilms on diamond as result of a partial removal of carbon and the plasma-stimulated amorphization. The experimentally observed exponential dependence of conductance G of the carbon nanofilms on temperature T can be well represented by a relation G = A exp (BT). This behavior is explained by a model based on the thermally vibrating energy barriers formed between the carbon nanoclusters constituting the thin carbon nanofilms. The empirical constants A and B relate to the density of the carbon nanoclusters and the energy barrier height between them respectively.
Keywords: Carbon; Temperature Sensor; Graphitization; Plasma etching; Thermal activation of charge transport; nanoclusters
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