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Ultra sound assisted green one pot synthesis of bound type bis-heterocyclic furan-2-yl imidazo [1,2-a] pyridines via GBBR
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1  Universidad de Guanajuato, División de Ciencias Naturales y Exactas, Departamento de Química


A series of six new 3-imidazo[1,2-a] pyridine furan bound type tris-heterocycles were synthesized by Ultrasound Irradiation (USI) assisted Groebke-Blackburn-Bienaymé reaction (GBBR), by employing ammonium chloride (10 mol%) as a catalyst in excellent yields (80-93%) under green conditions. This efficient and mild protocol has silent features such as green inexpensive and easily available catalyst and solvent at room temperature.

Keywords: Ultrasound-GBBR; Tris-heterocycles; Green catalyst and Green one pot process