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Sanitary portrayal of the animal husbandry in the south of Lebanon
* 1 , 2 , 3
1  Animal Production and Public Health Department. Catholic University of Valencia.
2  Animal Production and Public Health Department. Catholic University of Valencia.BO
3  Medicine and Animal Surgery Department. Catholic University of Valencia.


Livestock farming is a very important economic activity throughout Western Asia, mainly in Lebanon, where work opportunities are limited and 60 % of the rural population depends on animal products as their main means of subsistence. Livestock activity, besides being a source of food, contributes to generate income through the sale of animal products, which often cover the requirements of the most disadvantaged families. Analyzing the state of the different livestock farms in rural areas of southern Lebanon is the purpose of this paper. This study was carried out in the province of Nabatiye, collecting data of 7,878 animals present in 109 farms in the area. Nowadays, the sector is suffering serious problems such as the progressive reduction in the number of animals, the reduction of grassland areas and the increase in the price of concentrated feed and forages, which triggers an increase in the cost of production. In addition, the poor management of animal products and the weak animal health system in Syria is affecting negatively this sector. The current situation of the livestock in Lebanon shows a weakened system due to the low level of herdsmen training, that affects to the management of the farm, the state of animals health and the quality and safety of the animal products, specifically milk.

Keywords: Lebanon; livestock farms; animal health; animal products.