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Batch processing in transformation of continuous variables for PTML Theory
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1  RNASA-IMEDIR, Computer Science Faculty, University of A Coruña, 15071, A Coruña, Spain.
2  Universidad Estatal Amazónica – Puyo, Pastaza, Ecuador.


In the present work, a software module has been developed that allows the selection of continuous variables from an Excel file, which are initially subjected to a process of verification and cleaning of the information, allowing the elimination of cases, or otherwise replacing outliers. With the average value, it is then possible to perform transformation operations such as Identity, exponential, absolute value, numerical power, logarithm, maximum and minimum probability, z-score, harmonic mean sum, Euclidean distance, in batch processing of continuous variables. In the end, the respective results can be obtained within a dataset that can be stored in CSV format, or in turn continue processing with PTML

Keywords: Continuous variables, Transformations, PTML