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Socially responsible human resource management and employee psychological well-being: A sequential mediation model
1  Bahria university, Islamabad


In the present study, we have examined the relationship between Socially responsible human resource management and psychological well-being through the psychological mechanisms of organizational pride and organizational identification based on a serial mediation model. Using a quantitative survey and purposive sampling technique, a sample of 217 responses were drawn from five large scale banks in Pakistan. SPSS PROCESS macro was used to examine the hypotheses through Model 6. The findings affirmed the serial mediation as SRHRM positively influenced organizational pride, which in turn enhance the organizational identification and consequently lead to higher psychological well-being. The findings of this study are helpful for organizations that want to enhance employees’ well-being. This study has also highlighted the potential importance of Organisational pride and identification, especially concerning employee well-being. Thus, it contributes to the existing literature by testing a sequential model to understand the association between SRHRM, organizational pride, organizational identification, and employees Psychological well-being.

Keywords: Socially responsible human resource management; Organizational pride; Organizational identification; psychological well-being;
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