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Synthesis and characterization of iminophosphorane palladacycles
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1  University of Santiago de Compostela, Department of Inorganic Chemistry


Recently research on palladacycles has come upon new findings employing tetradentate [C,N:C,N] ligands derived from Schiff bases . The related iminophosphoranes are also adequate ligands for the synthesis of palladacycles. Thus, the chemistry of iminophosphoranes seeks new compounds with reactivity and / or relevant structural characteristics which could be similar to the imine palladium complexes.

Herein we report on the synthesis and characterization of bisiminophosphoranes as potential tetradentate ligands. Treatment of the latter with palladium acetate gives tetranuclear structures with two ligand moieties linked by acetate-bridging ligands. The addition of ddpm (4 equivalents) provides doubly metallated structures where the phosphine acts as a bidentate chelating ligand.

Keywords: Palladacycles; Iminophosphoranes; Phosphine