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On-line digitalization technologies for monitoring activities in the marine environment.
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1  CTN - Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar (Marine Technology Centre)


This proceeding shows the results of the investigation of techniques of integration, management and visualization of massive data from the digitalization of environmental and procedural parameters of facilities that operate in the marine environment. The work focuses on three main lines: (1) research on the development of a Cloud-based system for Big Data that allows the hosting of the data generated by the different devices to be monitored (GPS, sounds, vibrations, video, temperature, emissions, consumption, power, etc.). (2) Implement a first layer of analysis and visualization of information. Thus, there is a first intelligent layer that addresses one of the four pillars of Web 4.0: machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. (3) BigData analytics research for post-processing of information. Depending on the context of the data source (marine environment or vessel), different analyzes of the recorded data are performed. With this, progress is made in another of the pillars of Web 4.0: use of context information, since the application is in charge of intelligently processing the data of the different variables together although they are not, in principle, directly related.

Keywords: Smart Ports; Smart Marina; Indutry 4.0; IoT; BigData; Cloud Computing