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A Statistical Method for Area Coverage Estimation and Loss Probability Analysis on Mobile Sensor Networks
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1  University of São Paulo - Escola Politécnica


Sensor networks are formed by fixed or mobile sensor nodes and their functions are to capture the events that occur within a certain area and then relay to a central node. Normally sensor nodes are not able to transmit or receive information over long distances due to the need to use less energy and thus extend their useful life. Therefore, the number of sensor nodes in a given area directly influences the coverage of this area and the ability of information to be relayed by several sensors to the central node. If there are many missed messages the application will have its performance compromised. In this paper we used a statistical method-based on Monte Carlo approach to estimate the probability of message loss and area coverage. The position and proper motion of the sensors are randomly chosen and from that we estimate how many nodes can communicate with the central node directly or through another sensor working as relay. The free variables in our analysis are node density, node displacement velocity and sensor quantity. The results obtained are compared analytically with simple cases in order to validate the results obtained by the simulations performed.

Keywords: Sensor Networks; Computer Communication Network; Mobile Ad-Hoc Network; Wireless Sensor Networks Coverage