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Preparation and Hydro-lipophilic Properties of Novel Halogenated N-arylcinnamamides
* 1, 2 , 3 , 3 , 4 , 4 , 1 , 1 , 4
1  Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University, Ilkovicova 6, 84215 Bratislava, Slovakia
2  Institute of Neuroimmunology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Dubravska Cesta 9, 845 10 Bratislava, Slovakia
3  Division of Biologically Active Complexes and Molecular Magnets, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Faculty of Science, Palacky University, Slechtitelu 27, 78371 Olomouc, Czech Republic
4  Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University, Odbojarov 10, 83232 Bratislava, Slovakia


A series of eight di- and tri-halogenated N-arylcinnamanilides designed as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agents was prepared and characterized. Since it is known that lipophilicity significantly influences the biological activity of compounds, the hydro-lipophilic properties of these di- and tri-substituted N-arylcinnamanilides are investigated in the study. All the discussed derivatives of cinnamic acid were analysed using the reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography method to measure lipophilicity. The procedure was performed under isocratic conditions with methanol as an organic modifier in the mobile phase using an end-capped non-polar C18 stationary reversed-phase column. In the present study, the correlations between the logarithm of the capacity factor k and log P/Clog P values calculated in various ways as well as the relationships between the lipophilicity and the chemical structure of the studied compounds are discussed.

Keywords: Cinnamamides; Synthesis; Lipophilicity determinations; Structure-lipophilicity relationships.