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Adsorption of Rhodamine-B from aqueous solution by activated carbon from almond shell
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1  Iran University of Science & Technology


The activated carbon is prepared from an almond shell, which is chemically activated by H2SO4. In the present study, the adsorption of Rhodamine-B from water by activated carbon has been investigated and compared. The effect of pH value, initial concentration of dissolved and amount of adsorbent on the adsorption of Rhodamine-B by the mentioned adsorbents were investigated. Results showed that the adsorption process was highly dependent on pH. Maximum Rhodamine-B removal was achieved when the final pH is 11. Maximum Rhodamine-B removal efficiencies were obtained by an almond shell (70%). Adsorption test results revealed that Rhodamine-B adsorption on the studied adsorbents could be better described by Langmuir isotherm.

Keywords: Adsorption. Active carbon. Almond shell. Rhodamine-B. Activity chemical