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Lora-Based System for Tracking Runners in Cross Country Races
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1  Universidad de Granada, Spain
2  Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain


In recent years, there is an important trend in the organization of cross-country races and popular races where hundred people usually participate. In these events, runners usually subject the body to extreme situations that can lead to various types of indisposition and they can also suffer falls. Currently the electronic systems used in this type of racing refer only to whether a runner has passed through a checkpoint. However, it is necessary to implement systems that allow controlling the population of runners knowing their status all the times. For this reason, this paper proposes the design of a low cost system for monitoring and controlling runners in this type of event. The system is formed by a network architecture in infrastructure mode based on Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) technology. Each runner will carry an electronic device that will give their position and vital signs to be monitored. Likewise, it will incorporate an S.O.S. button that will allow sending a warning to the organization in order to help the person. All these data will be sent through the network to a database which will allow the organization and the public attending the race to check where the runner is and the history of their vital signs. This paper shows the proposal of a design to our system. Therefore, the paper will show the different practical experiments we have been carried out with the devices that have allowed proposing this design.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Nerworks (WSNs), Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN), runners, Long Range (LoRa), Monitoring.