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Evaluation of the diversity of the Tardigrada (water bear) on the tourist route of the Puyo River of Pastaza province as a imput on its importance for further research on the benefits it offers.

The objective of this article is the literature review of the components of the study of Tardigrada or (water bear), followed by the analysis of the information to describe the main peculiarities of this organism, with the objective of determining the importance of the water bear to knowledge of new technological applications (such as a protein from Tardigrada protects human DNA from sunlight) and many other applications offered by this organism, which due to lack of information limits understanding as a fundamental source for future applicable research in the study of this organism. With a description of their cryptobiosis states. The research will also contain a sample of the Tardigrada species in the tourist hike of the Puyo River (Pastaza province), increasing the knowledge of its distribution, in which the abundance existing in the area will be measured. A sample of the tardigrade will be taken in three different parts of the place, with strata of tree bark and stone to continue observing them in a digital microscope, followed by the identification of the class with its respective taxonomic key.

Keywords: tardigradus, technology, organism, cryptobiosis