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Microfluidic portable device for pathogens 'rapid SERS detection
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1  National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (registering DOI)

So far, in some of our previous works we have managed to rapid (within minutes) identify and discriminate pathogens by using SERS spectroscopy with
a single cell sensitivity. Having a more user friendly and robust system, which could be used not only by experts, would be the next step.
In order to meet our goal, we developed an experimental setup, including an in-house built microfluidic device followed by the optimization of SERS detection of common bacterial pathogens by using the developed device. The main components of the system are: a microfluidic flow-cell coupled to a syringe pump mediated-flow system, and a portable Raman spectrometer for SERS detection of pathogens immobilized in the flow cell. Inside the microfluidic channel of the flow cell, a silver spot was generated under laser irradiation for further use as SERS active substrate for detection. The silver spot can be washed and reused for a different pathogen from one experiment to another. The total analysis time was reduced to less than 15 min.

Considering the optimized experimental parameters for detection and its easy-to-use dedicated software, this portable microfluidic device has been tested in our lab and is ready to be transferred in other research/clinical premises for further use when necessary.

Keywords: biosensing; SERS on bacteria; microfluidic device