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The Role of Greening Businesses as Drivers of Employees\' Behavioural Change towards Sustainable Waste and Resource Management Practices across all Spheres of Life.
1  University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

Published: 07 November 2011 by MDPI in The 1st World Sustainability Forum session General and Related Topics
Abstract: Several initially attractive possible explanations for the engagement of people in more ecological behaviour have been shown as not influencing individual pro-environmental behaviour, unless there is some personal benefit which is obvious and immediate. Although not all pro-environmental behaviours and practices used at work are transferrable to the home or community spheres of employees, it is reasonable to assume that organisations that embrace pro-environmental practices at the core, will have an impact on actual employee practices and behaviours, and consequently on awareness levels about environmental issues. It is argued that the current trend in organisations towards implementing pro-environmental greening behaviours and practices may contribute to a process of \'sustainability evolution\'. Understanding the factors and processes which determine employees\' pro-environmental behaviour patterns, with regard to the settings and interfaces of work, home and community permits one to grasp the main factors and processes that may influence the interaction of resource and sustainable waste management behaviours, among all life domains.
Keywords: Work-life Interface, Waste Management, Ecological Behaviour