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An Automatic Blood Cell Separation Machine With Disease Detection System: Perspective Bangladesh
1  North South University University


Blood is a connective tissue in which Red blood cells function to transport oxygen and it is normally in disk shape. The inherited disorder of blood includes hemoglobinopathies which are major public health problem in Bangladesh. Sickle cell disease refers to a group of genetic disorders characterized by presence of sickle hemoglobin, anemia, schizocyte , acute and chronic tissue injury to blockage of blood flow by abnormally shaped red cell . Schizocytes are also a key indicator of a life threatening condition affecting a human patient. In the modern context only the latest generation automated cell counters provide a means to flag their operators if a schizocyte is detected, and very few of them are able to provide a schizocyte count. For the implementation of this in this paper we have the primary focus of detecting schizocytes in peripheral blood smear images.

Keywords: Red , Blood Cell, Separation Machine, Disease Detection, oxygen, anemia, schizocyte, blood smear images.