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Development of Wireless Monitoring System for Pulse Rate: A New Approach
1  North South University University


Pulse is the rate at which someone’s heart beats. Pulse rate is usually called your heart rate, which is the number of times heart beats per minute (bpm). Nowadays, people affected by suffering from cardiac diseases are increasing day by day. So here an urge arises to design a compatible system that would give us the accurate and quick pulse rate readings. Various types of heart diseases including cardiac arrhythmia, myocardial infraction, and coronary artery disease are one of the main reasons behind the causes of death around the world. It can be mitigated if we know the pulse rate and monitor it properly. But constant monitoring can be expensive for private sector and so we are proposing to solve the problem the implementation of wireless network based on Bluetooth. The pulse rate data is sent from Arduino Uno via Bluetooth to smartphone and it can be analyzed by user and sent it to expert doctor with a little cost and more efficiently. This project relates to a pulse rate measurement device comprising a pulse rate sensor unit that detects a user’s pulse rate , a signal processing unit that receives and processes the signal generated from the sensor and a wireless signal transmitting unit that takes the signal from the processing unit and the transmit the signal out to the configured device. The sensor unit almost precisely detects the frequency of change of blood density to get the heart rate, meticulously and efficiency of detection of heart rate, cooperating the technique of wireless transmission, and thus our purpose of promoting accuracy of detection and improving convenience of using is achieved. The model encompasses of Arduino Uno, Pulse Rate Sensor, Bluetooth Board, Breadboard, USB cable etc. We transmit the data via Bluetooth to Smartphone using Pulse Rate Monitor circuit equipped with Arduino Uno.

Keywords: Wireless Monitoring, Pulse Rate, Arduino Uno, Smartphone, sensor unit, heart diseases, Bluetooth.