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A preliminary study on the incorporation of quinoa flour in organic pumpkin creams: effect on the physicochemical properties
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1  IPOA Research Group. Agrofood Technology Department. Orihuela Polytechnical High School. Miguel Hernández University. Healthy meat group
2  Sección V Gama- SURINVER EL GRUPO, S. COOP. Avda de la Cooperativa s/n 03190 - Pilar de la Horadada (Alicante) (registering DOI)

COVID-19 pandemic strengthened food trends to consume healthier food products. Creams are a good option to produce healthy and tasty foods. Quinoa is an ingredient with a high potential in creams due to its nutritional and techno-functional properties. The aim of this work was to evaluate the influence of the addition of organic quinoa flour (at 3 concentrations: 0, 3, and 6%) in organic pumpkin creams on their physicochemical properties during the storage time. These organic creams were elaborated according to the industrial procedures. pH, water activity (Aw), and color (CIELAB) parameters were evaluated during storage time (0, 30, and 60 days). Quinoa flour addition increased the pH. Aw was not affected by quinoa addition. Lightness (L*) increased with the increase in quinoa concentration, on the contrary, redness (a*) and yellowness (b*) decreased. All the physicochemical parameters evaluated (pH, Aw, and color coordinates) were stable during the storage time. The addition of quinoa flour to organic pumpkin creams is an interesting option to develop healthy new food products.

SOL NEW FOOD. AGCOOP_D/2018/014. Ayudas para la cooperación en el marco del programa de Desarrollo Rural de la Comunidad Valenciana 2014-2020 CAMACCyDR (53 % UE- Feader, 8,86 % MAPA, and 38,14 % CAMACCyDR)

Keywords: pumpkin; organic foods; quinoa; coproducts; healthy foods; creams;