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Analysis on operational efficiencies and costs for extracting thinned woods in small-scale forestry, Nasunogahara area, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
1  Utsunomiya University


In this study, two operation methodologies to extract thinned woods were investigated on Nasunogahara area, Tochigi prefecture, Japan. Methodology 1 included manual extraction and light truck transportation. Methodology 2 included mini-forwarder forwarding and 4-ton truck transportation. Furthermore, a newly introduced chipper was investigated. As a result, costs of manual extractions within 10 m and 20 m were JPY942/m3 and JPY1,040/m3, respectively. On the other hand, forwarding cost of mini-forwarder was JPY499/m3 which was significantly lower than those of manual extractions. Transportation costs with light truck and 4-ton truck were JPY7,224/m3 and JPY1,298/m3 with 28-km transportation distances. Chipping operation costs were JPY1,036/m3 and JPY1,160/m3 with 3 and 2 persons, respectively. Lastly, total costs of methodologies 1 and 2 from extraction within 20 m to chipping were estimated as JPY9,300/m3 and JPY2,833/m3 with 28-km transportation distances and 3-men chipping operations (EUR1 = JPY124).

Keywords: Manual extraction: Light truck; Mini-forwarder; 4-ton truck, Chipper
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Rachele Venanzi
General conclusions
Dear Author, you have other general considerations about the two types of extraction methodologies that go beyond cost analysis?