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Multimodal stimulation system to control fibroblast proliferation using optical and ultrasonic stimulation
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1  Kumoh National Institute of Technology


An optical stimulation shows various effects for skin regeneration and wound treatment by using different wavelength. Similarly, ultrasound stimulation can improve skin wrinkles and contours by inducing the contraction and synthesis of collagen to reduce local fat accumulation. In this study, using commercially available LEDs for skin regeneration masks (415nm, 630nm, 850nm), a single wavelength and multiple wavelengths were applied to fibroblast cells in various ways to control the proliferation effect of skin cells. In addition, ultrasonic stimulation was applied simultaneously to quantitatively evaluate the proliferation effect of fibroblasts. As a result, it was confirmed that there was an effect on fibroblast cell proliferation when the LED light stimulation of a specific wavelength was applied, and also the proliferation activity of skin cells increased even in the multimodal stimulation by applying a combination of LEDs and ultrasound.

Keywords: Fibroblast cells; LED; Multimodal stimulation; Skin regeneration; Ultrasound