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Smart and Connected Stent with Nanomembrane Sensors for Wireless Monitoring of Hemodynamics
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1  Georgia Institute of Technology (registering DOI)

Vascular diseases account for over 30% of worldwide deaths. To monitor and treat these diseases, hemodynamic parameters, such as blood pressure and flow, are of interest. Existing methods to monitor hemodynamics are costly and invasive while providing an incomplete view of health. Existing implantable electronics offer low wireless readout distances which limit feasibility. To enable continuous monitoring for a variety of vascular diseases, a biosensor system comprised of an inductive medical stent and soft sensors may be used. The device is achieved via an advanced inductive stent design and low-profile, flexible sensors. The stent-based system has been proven feasible in terms of manufacturing and performance, with demonstrations in mock arteries for wireless monitoring at improved distances.

Keywords: flexible electronics, soft sensors, smart stent, wireless monitoring, hemodynamics