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Relationships among student-athlete's identity and mental health condition - survey in the COVID-19 pandemic-
1  Kyushu Sangyo University


The Japan Association for University Athletics and Sports (UNIVAS)—the national organization governing intercollegiate sports—was established. UNIVAS intends to promote a safety of students-athletes who have a balanced engagement in academic and athletic activities. However, recently many student-athletes are unable to play and study satisfactorily due to the problem of COVID-19, and it also affects their mental health. Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships among degree of student athlete’s identity and mental health problems in Japanese intercollegiate student-athletes in the COVID-19 pandemic, and this study clarifies the current state of mental problems of student-athletes in Japan. The participants were 402 male student-athletes (Age M=19.72±1.37). Participants belonged to the collegiate athletic team and had participated in national collegiate The national-level participants were those who had participated in national collegiate championships while attending university. In addition, they received scholarships from universities to enable them to balance between their academic and athletic activities. The Japanese version of the BIMS (BIMS-J) (Hagiwara et al., 2019) was used to measure the degree of student-athletes’ identity. To measure the athletes’ mental health problems, the depression and sports helplessness subscales of the Stress Response Scale for Athletes (Kemuriyama, 2013) were used. The results of correlational analyses indicated, that there were significant negative correlations between degree of student-athlete’s identity and depression and sports helplessness. In addition, as a result of dividing the degree of student-athlete’s identity into three groups and examining the relationship with mental problems, it demonstrated that student-athletes who has the stronger student-athlete's identity showed the lower degree of depression and sports helplessness. From this result of this study, it can be said that it is necessary to strongly recognize one's role even in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords: mental health, identity, adolescent, sports