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The changing of sport activities in COVID-19 pandemic: do people exercise more?
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1  Research Center for Population, Indonesia Institute of Sciences


In this COVID-19 era, people are expected to boost their immunity by doing healthy lifestyle. Exercise has been shown to have clear health benefits for healthy individuals. On the other hand, the COVID-19 pandemic limits our outdoor activities to prevent the corona virus spread. This research aims to analyze how COVID-19 affects people's exercise. Using online survey, we collected data from 309 people who are currently exercising. The result shows good effect of COVID-19 on people's sports activities. Most respondents are men (61%), 20-29 years old (69%), have higher education (74%), and living in Java Island (76%). Half of the respondents who already exercise before the COVID-19 pandemic change their sports activities better, increasing duration and the sport type. Maintaining immune system function becomes the main reason people exercise intensively or even start making this habit (16,9%). More than half respondents do their sports activities (running (42%) and sports games (40%)) outside their house, both indoor (25%) and outdoor (28%). Most respondents exercises 30-60 minutes, once or twice a week. As a result, they feel more vital, both physically and mentally. COVID-19 pandemic can be a good momentum to promote sports activities as the part of healthy lifestyle. However, health protocol to prevent corona virus spread must be strengthened since many people are already exercising outside their home.

Keywords: COVID-19; exercise; healthy lifestyle; immunity