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Significant Study of Qualitative Research In Health Care
1  Patliputra University, India


Scientific research is based upon finding a solution to a particular problem one can identify. There are various methods of formulating a research design for the study. Two broad approaches of data collection and interpretation in research are qualitative and quantitative research. The elementary method of conducting research was quantitative, but recently, qualitative method of research has also gained momentum among researchers.

Qualitative research focuses in understanding a research query as a humanistic or idealistic approach. Though quantitative approach is a more reliable method as it is based upon numeric and methods that can be made objectively and propagated by other researchers. Qualitative method is used to understand people's beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behavior, and interactions. It generates non-numerical data. The integration of qualitative research into intervention studies is a research strategy that is gaining increased attention across disciplines. Although once viewed as philosophically incongruent with experimental research, qualitative research is now recognized for its ability to add a new dimension to interventional studies that cannot be obtained through measurement of variables alone.[1] Qualitative research was initially used in psychological studies when researchers found it tedious to evaluate human behavior in numeric. Since then, qualitative research is used in other research fields as well. In clinical research, qualitative approach can help view the data more extensively. It strengthens clinical trials by enhancing user involvement in it.

In this paper, The nature of qualitative research, Qualitative research designs, Methods of collecting qualitative data, Handling qualitative research data, Analysing qualitative results and Presenting the results of qualitative research are explained in depth.

Keywords: Qualitative Research, Design, Methods, Analysis, Techniques, Result
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Salman Mohammed
The paper discusses various qualitative research approaches and provides an understanding for those interested in seeking qualitative research data.