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Innovative Solving Process Problems of Micro-Turbine Machining Using Computer-Aided Innovation Method
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1  Chang'an University
2  Chang’an University

Abstract: Micromachining thechnology has been widely applied in the microelectronic equipment, aerospace, precision instrument and medical equipment. With the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, manufacturing companies pay more and more attention to technological innovation and the knowledge that promotes the realization of technological innovation. At present, most of the machining process innovation activities are highly dependent on the personal knowledge accumulation in the previous projects for a long time. The randomness and technical difficulty of existing innovation methods (e.g., brainstorming and trial-and-error) are high, and the success rate of innovation is low. Although traditional TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) theory provides a systematic theory and method tool for designers to discover and solve problems creatively in product innovation design, it can not be directly used to guide process innovation design due to its lack of specific parameters and corresponding principles for process innovation. In recent years, the Computer-Aided Process Innovation (CAPI) provides designers with an effective way to obtain process innovation inspiration and improve innovation efficiency. This paper proposes a structured procedure for solving machining process innovation problems, including formal description of process problems, ideas acquisition of problem solving, iterative solving of process problems, detailed design and verification of innovative solutions. Furtherly, the CAPI method and structured innovation procedure are used to systematically and innovatively solve the process problems in the micro-turbine machining.
Keywords: micromachining; computer-aided innovation; micro-turbine; process innovation; machining problem solving